Condo for sale in Phuket – A place where I stay

Condo apartments can be described as a slice of heaven on earth. The moment you walk into that environment, you are bound to get goose bumps. The whole philosophy behind the design of condo will reflect into your mind.

The views from the windows are often breathtaking and since most of them often abut onto tropical gardens, they form one of the most ideal environments for those wishing for a life away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. In this article, we shall zoom our focus onto one of the most celebrated condo apartments in Phuket.

The website is an excellent source for you. You can also find them on Facebook at their personal page: Facebook – Seventh Sky Condominium for sale and Youtube video about real estate: Youtube – Seventh Sky Phuket condos.


The main slogan of this condo-apartment is happiness, lifestyle and freedom.

The whole design of the condo-apartments gives a feeling of relief and contentment to people from different walks of life, be they adults or young children. There are several amenities in here and each is outstanding in its own rights, from those featuring spacious wardrobes to those that have well furnished rooms equipped with high tech gadgets. The living room is comfortably divided from a bedroom. You will find a western style kitchen and awesome amenities waiting for you to enjoy in the bathroom.

Design is magnificent:

The Seventh Sky condo apartments are designed taking into account the demands of human psychology. This means that the condos are not only magnificent in purpose but also easy and pleasant to the sight. They are quite spacious with large windows towards the beach or tropic gardens, just so you don’t miss that magnificent view of the outside world.

Lavish facilities:

These condo-apartments teem with lavish facilities for the luxury lovers. You will find extensive facilities such as restaurants to eat, gyms to work out, amazing swimming pools and balconies to enjoy the serene beauty of the beaches and tropical gardens nearby. You will never feel the need to step out of this amazing place. You can walk on the carefully-laid tracks, in the nearby gardens and ease all your worries as you take in the breath of fresh air.


Life in condo-apartments often reminds us of living in a 5 star hotels and the Seventh Sky is no different. Security is so amazing, that you will feel perfectly safer. The exquisite facilities and attention to detail in so far as the interior designs go will make you feel like in a 5 star hotel every day. Catering services are also guaranteed, so you can take advantage of that and treat your family round the clock.


The location is the first choice in the development of these condo-apartments. Every facility that you can imagine is at an arms distance from you. Schools, hospitals, super markets, fashion boutiques and those golden sandy beaches are quite accessible from these apartments.